Working as a freelance between 1991and 2002, I divided my time between commercial work in television and film, and my own self-generated art, which comprises landscape, life painting and portraiture. Until recently, I have always kept the techniques I employed in scenic art which are more graphic and abbreviated in nature, separate from those employed in my own fine artwork.
  I was working in an environment in which an actor in Tudor costume could share a joke between takes with a mutant sporting prosthetic claws, both sitting on the wing section of a plywood Spitfire. Such images of extraordinary contradiction very quickly became the norm in this studio environment, but I found these conjunctions constantly amusing and captivating; this vivid imagery now forms a reference archive for my current work.

Phillip Glass
BBC The Late Show: 1992-5  Banners each 12x3.5ft  emusion on canvas
Television Centre wood lane
BBC TV Centre: audience reception art panel  4x6ft  emusion on ply
jools holland
Bjork on Later with Jools Holland   Band setwork 15x8ft and 6x6ft emusion on canvas and ply
BBC Blue Peter
Blue Peter; Pollution Special Report  1989   15x40ft  emusion on canvas
Alberto Giacometti
The Late Show: Indigo Girls  1992 emusion on unprimed canvases each 15x4ft 
BBC Childrens programmes
BBC "The Biz" mural in conservatory of Hampton Court House, London  1995 13x230ft
Harry Hill   1992    15x25ft emusion on canvas
Tower Bridge London
Jerry Springer UK   emulsion on sharks-tooth gauze  [detail]  20x 70ft [whole]
Hendrix  Jools Holland
BBC Late Show / Later with Jools Holland  1990 and 1992   Each 14x 3ft emusion on canvas
Sarah Greenwood
Later with Jools: emulsion on panel  1992   4x4ft

Gilda cinema posters
Late Show: Rita Hayworth Gilda 1992  emulsion on 6 panels each 12 x3ft
Brian Sykes
BBC "But First this" 1992 Television Centre outdoor rooftop setwork  5x60ft emulsion on fretted marine ply
Londons theatreland
BBC Late Show theatre special    1992     4panels each 12x3ft emusion on canvas
David Copperfield
David Copperfield 1992  Pinewood studios watertank paddock backing 60x240ft  emulsion on canvas
sinead OConnor
BBC Later with Jools Sinead  1993   4x4ft emulsion on panel
BBC the late show
Late Show 1991   panels each 14x3ft  emusion on canvas

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